Thursday, December 31, 2009

top 10 of 2009

I think this is the post I look forward to the most each year. Ben and I sit and look back at all of the posts from the previous year and try to pick our favorites qnd most memorable. It is so hard to believe how quickly the year seems to go by, but then as I sit here reminiscing I think that happened this year, really?! that was so long ago. I hope you enjoy and wish you the best new year and new decade!

10. Every Wednesday the girls and I met friends for playdates at various locations around town.
9. girls are finally potty-trained

8. serving opportunities - This year saw us serving meals under the bridge to the homeless, visits to the nursing home, creating media projects for the church, every other week serving as media director for 3 services, organizing and serving lunch for Georgetown High School teachers, children's ministry, & missions team planning.
7. The girls learned lots - Landry writes her name, Mommy, Bella, Daddy, Gigi, Mimi and other words. Bella can sing You're a Grand Ole Flag and Deep in the Heart of Texas every time she sees a flag.

6. Both girls got their first haircut.
5. Richards Family cut up all credit cards and paid off all but 2 loans
4. Ben and I traveled to San Fransisco and New Orleans.

3. Mommy traveled with the missions team to Romania.

2. We had our first family trip to the beach
1. Ben graduated from Animation Mentor.

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