Friday, December 11, 2009

urgent call to prayer

I received an e-mail this morning from Vio and Estera, my Romanian mission friends. They have been in the process of adopting Dany for months. They should have been in court this past week, but this morning some uknown case worker has stepped in and threatened Dany's father. The father has two boys, one Andrew whom he loves, but for some reason he despises and even has beaten Dany. He abandoned both boys, but now wants Andrew. He was working cooperatively with Vio and Estera on adopting Dany and allowing them to take Andrew for periods of time, so the boys could continue a relationship. This case worker has persuaded him to remove Dany and said if he does not do so he will loose both children. Please pray the Lord's power to work and this to be resolved immediately. Romanian system is very tricky, it is not a fair system. What is best for the child is not the way it always works. PLEASE PRAY! This is their only child, I saw them with this boy who less than a year ago at age 3 did not speak a word and he is thriving in their care.

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