Sunday, July 26, 2015

Frio Rio 2015

This past weekend, we made our yearly trip to the Frio Rio with Gigi and PopPop.  What a difference a year with rain makes.  There was actually moving water and genuine rapids.  We had to be a lot more aware of the boys and their surroundings, but it was a much more enjoyable day on the water.
We enjoyed the Garner State Park dance on Saturday evening, lots of games, walks, and even some art.
Thank you Gigi and PopPop for inviting us.  We are looking forward to next year.

Friday, July 24, 2015

movie trailer

We've heard the movie is finished, and the trailer was released this week. So proud of my husband and the amazing team.  Praying God uses the movie to change lives.

his first date

Daddy got the privilege to take HR on his first date.  They had to make a stop at an electronics store, where he insisted he needed to carry a basket.  I am sure Daddy made sure to do some extra sight-seeing while he was at Fry's mostly sans kids, but HR finally questioned Daddy and asked about the num-nums.
Their date also took them to Front Porch (our favorite treat spot).  Getting one-on-one time with each of the kids can be really tough. I am so glad we have started this weekly tradition.  I hope it creates lots of memories.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

mommy/son date

This monkey picked Starbucks for his date, well actually he picked PopStars as his date, and after many questions I figured he wanted to go where LE went for her date.  Thankfully he changed his mind when he discovered they only had coffee and tea and we ended up at Front Porch Yogurt.  We had time to kill after our yogurt and we headed north to the new Bass Pro Shop.
My adorable four year old caught me off guard when I tried to open his door and it was locked.  "It helps to unlock it, Genius" WHAT??  Where did you hear that?  "A movie"  Ok, well we won't be watching that movie again.  After picking my jaw off the parking lot and doing everything to not laugh at the same time we ventured into the "fish store" b/c he likes that name better than Bass Pro Shop.  He picked out his birthday gifts which isn't until December and walked the store on a scavenger hunt looking for animals.  
Even after a playdate with his bestie the same day, he told me his date was the best part of his day.  Love this goofy kid.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

little entrepreneurs

These two girls are quite the little businesswomen.  They have started a pet business and so far this summer, they have already lined up sitting dates for five different families.
They also work once a week for a book company applying business labels to the books before they are shipped.
They have been saving their money, but it is beginning to burn a hole in their pockets.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

piano lessons 2015

The girls began piano lessons again this month after a short hiatus b/c Miss Ashley had to find a full-time job.  We found another home- schooled high school student AND she has a park right down the street from her park.  Double score.  The girls get their lessons and the boys get an hour of P.E. or library time depending on the heat index of the day.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

mommy/daughter date for #2

Boo wanted to try something new for her date night, and she wanted to be surprised.  We made the trek to Georgetown to Hula Cowgirl Shaved Ice.  Their is a big selection of flavors, and I was really excited about the natural flavors, made in the store with fresh fruit.  It was really good shaved ice, but a little skimpy on deco and very slow.  But, it gave Boo and I a chance to chat even more.
I love this girl.  She is so creative and has the biggest imagination to accompany it.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

too hot

Afternoon fun for a hot July day, problem is this puzzle makes me want to go back to Disney World.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mommy-Daughter Date

Her choice for our date this month, Starbucks.  She had never been before and was curious about all of they hype, good choice.

Monday, July 06, 2015

pre-teen camp 2015

The girls had the privilege of attending their first church camp this past week with our Legacy Kids.  Twenty-five kids from our church headed out last Sunday afternoon for four days to a nearby camp on the lake.  I don't remember camp being as action-packed as this camp was and I have already offered to be a chaperon next year.
When we arrived at church on Sunday to drop the girls off, Boo got emotional and decided she didn't want to go.  I ended up driving her and four other squealy girls.  By the time we got there, she was smiling and more relaxed about going.  I was at peace about leaving her.
Landry- Our cabins were pretty cool.  There were kids from our church that I didn't really know well, but I got to be good friends with them.  There were two other churches in our cabin, one small and another about the same size of ours.  I really liked lunch, dinner and breakfast.  They served great food.  Our preteen leader was really fun, Keith Coast.
Some of the activities included archery, BMX, Archer's Quest, swimming, human Foosball, a banana boat, shooting BB guns, and indoor crafts and video games, Gaga ball.
Bella- My favorite part was the indoor choice time and Gaga ball.  I slept on the bottom bunk, my bunk mate was Melanie.  We switched b/c we wished were on each other's beds.  My bunk neighbors were Abby and Emma.  I enjoyed bed time b/c we always got to rest and finally be together.

Super Hero Sunday

This month in Legacy Kids we are learning about Super Heroes from the Bible.  We kicked it off with super hero night for the kids to dress as their favorite Super Heroes.  My friend Zelia hooked all five of us up with costumes.  Our super heroes included David, Daniel and Peter and John.  We are learning to stand for what is right even if it isn't the most popular thing to do.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

fourth of July fun

We were able to mark something off the bucket list for the kids, marching in parade.  And I am so glad it is marked off.  Some friends from church invited us to join their legacy group for a neighborhood Independence parade.
It was hot, it was early and it was long, but we've now been in a parade.
We didn't plan ahead very well, when we reached the end we had to walk the parade route back to get to the car.
But, it's marked off our list.

Angels rejoicing

Bella accepted Jesus into her heart this week at camp.  She says she did once before, but she didn't really understand what it meant.  We are so grateful for this opportunity for her.  We are so proud of you Boo.  You can watch the bell ringing ceremony from camp, she is ringer #5

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