Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This Christmas was so wonderful; different and wonderful. I told Ben last year after returning from Africa that Christmas would never be the same and I am sort of glad for it. There were many changes for us, some obvious and others that many will not know of.

No, you were not forgotten off the C-mas card list, we decided to not send them this year. It is such a blessing to have the technology of blogs and facebook that we have felt connected to everyone this year and was so thankful for the cards we received.

We spent the week at Ben's parents while they were skiing and enjoyed catsitting and sleeping in my favorite bed on the planet. Every day we went to visit family or friends and enjoyed our mini-vacation.

Christmas morning was spent at Mimi and Paw-Paw's. Bryan, Susan and Lindsay were not able to be with us. We started off with breakfast tacos, cinammon rolls and o.j. Then, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Paw-Paw read the nativity story from the Bible.

We kept our tradition of opening gifts one at a time, but the three girls kind of opened all together. It is so cute now they are all a little older and participate. The three girls and Uncle Ryan and Marissa were Santas and distibuted the gifts.


JJthe1st said...

So sweet. Christmas was different for us this year too but in a good way. Bless you all in the New Year!

Cari said...

i am so sorry that we didn't get to see you! I was (am) so sick for the entire holiday. Hopefully next time we can connect!