Monday, December 14, 2009

spirit of Christmas

My sister-in-law, Marissa gave me a devotional last year that I have actually read almost cover to cover this year. I have blogged about it before, and I probably could blog about it every other day b/c it touches me every time I read it. This one could not be passed up.

Every year I ask the Lord to reveal something new to me about the C-mas story. This C-mas season I've been shown what seems to be a simple, fundamental truth that is easy to miss during the busy season.
She goes on to say how her family was called to the Caribbean region in 2002, leaving (and selling) everything behind except clothing and some sentimental items. This included the majority of their Christmas decorations.
When our 1st C-mas on the field came, it was more difficult to be in the "C-mas spirit" b/c the familiar C-mas decorations were not displayed. On top of that, we had no special friends or family to share the season.
As I sought the Lord, I expected to hear something new about the circumstances surrounding the C-mas story. Instead, what I was shown was the actual heart of C-mas, which in turned changed my heart. It occurred to me that while all these things symbolize Christmas, all of these things are not Christmas. I learned Jesus is enough. Jesus is Christmas. When all the stuff - the lights, gifts, trees, food and even friends - was taken away, it came down to Jesus. He is the only reason to be celebrating, I learned that everything I need for Christmas, and for my life is found in Jesus.
-Sarah, Middle America & the Caribbean
Lord, please forgive me for forgetting it is all about you.

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