Monday, September 12, 2016

Port A Weekend Getaway

Instead of celebrating a spring break, we took a fall break to celebrate Mama and Daddy's birthday.  We took a four day weekend and spent it at Port A.  We stayed in the cutest condo on the beach and our days were filled with sandcastles, seafood, wave jumping, a few sunburns and sunrise walks on the beach.  I love these kind of days to disconnect and be with my favorite people.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

a third gym

Today, we opened our third location of Rock Steady Boxing Austin.  After, lots of thoughts and prayers we decided the next logical step in this journey was to take the fight to Georgetown, TX.
After several major set backs, God opened and closed the right doors to allow this happen.
We found another small business owner who ran a karate studio, he was so excited to have us in his space during the off hours.  This time, we had to provide our own equipment, most of which we purchased from an auction house.
The potential is great, and we are off to a great start with 20 boxers on the roster, most who were driving to north Austin.  But, we already have enough fighters to be able to offer 5 classes a week, just need to find that perfect coach to help complete the program.

she's an orange belt

Doing karate is probably one of my better choices. Yes, I have decided to pursue the black belt. I can't say there has been blood, but definitely sweat and tears. All through my wait and all through the test I had every kind of flying creature in my stomach, not just butterflies. There were 6 others testing, 2 for orange, 4 for purple. I had done the moves so many times as soon as I heard what to do I tried to remember  which of the many moves it was, I did it.  I owe it all to my instructors, my family, and Jesus Christ.