Thursday, December 03, 2009

day #10 recovering

When we finished organizing Estera's closet, I felt miserable. I just climbed in my top bunk, put my ear plugs in, eye mask on, took 3 ibuprofen and crashed. My head was pounding and my throat hurt so bad. I do not like to be sick, but to be somewhere else, much less in another country with people you are just getting to know - I was so frustrated that I was sick. Not to mention I was in Europe to be a missionary, not be a wimp in bed!
That afternoon, the team was leaving to go to one last school, but was going to stop for dessert first - note, I must have been really sick to pass up Romanian desserts. Chris, Scott and Karen stayed behind and they decided to just take the one van again. That afternoon when I woke up the sun had come out and I was feeling much better, so we decided to walk the river.
On our way, we met one of Scott's oldest Romanian friend's wife. She invited us in for honey and drinks. Scott said we could not refuse their hospitality so we went in.
She gave us a shot of honey in a small tea cup and a glass of purple fanta. Honey is sweet, but chase it with purple fanta- Man, it was painfully sweet. Scott took us behind their home to show us where they hosted their first backyard Bible club. The mother had a home behind theirs and she was standing in the doorway waving me to come over. I went in and she began to cry and rub her leg. She had me sit on the couch beside her was holding my hands. She did not speak a word of English and my Romanian consisted of hello and thank you. So, there was not a lot of communication happening. I could understand her leg was in pain and she told me my hands were cold. I asked if I could pray for her and she let me. Then, I told her I would send Estera to come check on her. She nodded as if she knew what I meant. (later that evening when the team returned I told Estera and she said the Mother never lets her pray for her.)
After our visit we walked farther down river and some children started yelling at us. They were yelling & doing the sign Jambo from the Hello song Mel taught (jambo is hello in African dialect). This went on for 5 minutes, it was a great moment.
We also met some other local people. We took pics and were showing them, Scott said most of them had probably never even seen their picture before. It was a beautiful country side and a beautiful day. I was bummed I missed the last school, but so thankful I had the moment with the elderly lady who allowed me to pray for her.

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Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

I am loving all of your romania updates! Sounds like an amazing trip!!

ps- do we really have to shoot another video to prove that our cat is the coolest in the world?!