Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stampin' Up! demonstrator

I am not sure who all I have told, so it is official, I am a Stampin' Up demonstrator. I hosted my first Open House last weekend and from my first order I made enough in sales to already be promoted. I am now a senior associate, not sure what benefits that title holds yet, but I get a pin for my trusty ole name tag. I have to get a recruit under me to get my next promotion, so that may take awhile longer. I decided to pursue SU! b/c I love scrap booking and making home made cards, so I thought I would try to make an income off my hobby, so far so good. I got LE pretending to stamp today. I cannot wait to make cards with her. She made all of her thank you cards from her birthday party. Here is my my website -
I am so excited about my website title. I had been praying for a catchy title for weeks, and nothing was ever coming to me. I was praying that as soon I heard it, I would know it was the one. So, I asked a couple crafty friends and Ben for some input. Within minutes, Ben had replied with Wonderfully Made, Psalms 139:14, and it was it!! As soon as I get promoted I have to have a club name, looked it up and Wonderfully Made is not a taken name, so hopefully it will not take long to promote up, any takers??? I have had so much fun so far, if you have not attended a workshop or card class look at my calendar and sign up. They are so much fun! In October, we are making fall and Halloween cards, in November we are C-mas cards and in December, we are making gift bags. Please say a quick prayer for my new venture.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Landry loves stickers. She is such a girlie girl! She had fun decorating Daddy. Does anyone remember the 7Up commercial earlier this year where the little girl put make up on the Daddy? Reminded me of that.

Friday, September 21, 2007

got my camera back

Thanks, Mom for bringing my camera back!!!
girls getting ready for our evening walk

our realtor, Nora Wall, putting out our SOLD sign

LE walking Chloe in the front yard

newest member of our family

Our home has inherited a new member, not sure if she is going with us after the move or if we are going to try a new family for her. This is Mitten, Kitty and/or Kitten, according to LE's mood. We never know what she is going to call her. LE's favorite book right now is Good Night, Moon. In the book she says Good night kittens, Good night mittens, thus the different names. Ben's family are cat people and my family is dog people, so of course I won out so far and we have two dogs. Ben loves this kitten, she is so playful. LE likes her, but she is a little too playful for her and Bell. LE likes to feed her. As you can tell she is a crafty cat, so she can stay for a while. She loves to bat the ribbons at my craft desk and today I found her in my stamping shelf. so cannot resist her, today anyways. She really is funny and super friendly and cute, if anyone thinks they want her. If we were not going into a rental, she would stay, we just did not get permission from the owner's and not sure what the pet deposit would be for an additional pet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

no camera, ughhhh

I have been waiting for this week for several weeks now. We sold our house, we have a found a house to rent, I had my first Stampin Up parties this weekend, so this week's post was going to be all about my girls and new pictures of them. As I was packing to come back to RR yesterday I looked all over my parent's and Ben's parents house for my camera bag (large backpack, hard to miss). I was honestly beginning to get worried b/c I forgot to lock the car at my Mom's (a couple of years ago my mom's explorer back window was busted out and they stole her purse in her driveway!) After searching I realized it was in my father-in-law's trunk. The car which he drives to San Antonio to work, so long story = I left my camera in his car and he was in San Antonio and one more week (at Least) without pics of my girls to post. Maybe I will figure out how to use my little camera again, nope batteries are in my camera bag! Sorry!

Monday, September 10, 2007

found a place

We have decided to rent a garden home (duplex if you are from Kerrville) from our friend, Kathy Glenn at church. It is very close to where we live now so Ben can still come home for lunch each day and we get to have the dogs in a real backyard. We feel it was totally God b/c I offered to teach last week at church and I was teaching for Kathy. Before service they were asking for prayer requests and I asked for prayer for a place to live and Kathy said, "guess what!!" So, more details will come later, but at least we know where we will be for the next six months. God is soo good to our family, he is so faithful!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

not sure yet!!

OK, everyone is asking and we are not sure yet what we are going to do. We only have a handful of homes to choose from, and we do not want to settle. We have decided to rent for awhile, not sure how long and not sure where. We have a friend who has a duplex she has offered and I have been riding around with an apartment locater person in her bright yellow bug. We are praying for the Lord to lead us b/c this is a super tough decision! We want to be in a great neighborhood and we would like a bigger house than what we are in now. But, b/c our house did not go up that much in value over the past 7 years we do not have enough of a down payment for the home we want to be in. So, we decided we would rent, put the difference in savings and my salary from teaching into a separate account and as soon as we find what we are looking for we will move. Please continue to pray for us, it is so different when your decisions are not just based on you, but on your children. The past two weeks have been incredibly tiring and emotional. I did not know I was attached to this house.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Contract Pending

We have been in negotiations since last Friday with a couple and we accepted a contract on our home this morning. If all goes well, we will close on our house, October 11th. Thanks so much to Nora Wall and her team, if you need a realtor in the Austin area she was amazing!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

taking some time off

I just wanted to let everyone know some big changes are taking place in the Richards' household. Over the past week Ben and I have had to make some big decisions and we are still trying to make them. Then, last night we realized we were trying to make the decisions and not trusting God to lead us. For this reason, I have decided to take some time off from the computer while the girls are gone this week and really pray and dig deep into His word, call it a fast. Please do not be offended that I have not read or commented on our blog sites this week, I will read them all as soon as I get back to the computer. I will still be checking e-mails and running business on the computer, I am just going to try to use my free time to seek God instead of relaxing on the computer. If you want to agree with us in prayer we need:
1) knowledge for the right direction
2) humility to act on his plan
3) peace with the Lord's direction
4) please pray for our friend, Shelly too. She is a young mom with two children - one school age and one preschool, who recently had back surgery that did not go as according to plan. Her recovery is not going well and she is unable to walk without pain.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Landry and my Mom made me a cake this weekend for my birthday. Landry stirred it up and she put the candles on my cake. If you are trying to count the number of candles there are 24, God bless my child!! So, I have decided I am 24 this year, do not want to disappoint a two year old.