Tuesday, December 08, 2009

grateful to friends

I have so many people to thank for helping to make my trip to Romania possible.
First of all to Ben - Honey, thank you for allowing me to go. I know the Lord has called me and to have a husband who supports me in this ministry is such a blessing. I could not do it without you.
Melanie, Mandy, and Christan - thank you so much friends for taking such good care, ahem - spoiling my girls. Thank you for taking them to the fun places & making the fun crafts. They really love you and enjoyed every minute of it.
Mom Richards and Mom Neal - thank you for coming week 2 and cooking, cleaning, spoiling and loving on my family. It meant the world to me, Ben and you know the girls to have you here.
Financial Sponsors - Mindy & K.C, Bryan & Susan, Tom & Verna, Greg & Colleen, Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Nancy, The Boyds, The Browns, The Calfys, Wes & Gwen, Dave & Melanie, Lisa & Brandt, the Loveless Family, The Moseleys, & The Wagners - you know without you hearing the call it would not have happened. You were His hands and feet as much as me.
Hosts - To everyone in Bucharest, especially Cristina and Iunela; and Vio, Estera & Danny. Thank you guys for an amazing time and showing us it is more than us. Sometimes, we Americans get so wrapped in our lives and our own worlds we forget how truly blessed we are. I am so honored to call you friend, and to know you are advancing the Kingdom every day. God bless you and you will be in my prayers.

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