Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bush's stimulus/tax refund - whatever you call it

We got our tax bonus check yesterday, yippee!!! We are planning a trip San Francisco in June, so perfect timing!! We are going for Ben's school, but we are also sort of/kind of having a pre-10 year anniversary get away!! Ben says President Bush intended for us to stimulate the economy, so there you go!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

day in Camp Verde

My mom took the girls and I to my fave place for lunch while we were visiting last week. Camp Verde is a very old post office that has been converted to a sandwich and gift shop. The garden area is magical now. The girls had so much fun looking at the tadpoles in the pond and running about the gardens. Gigi and Granny joined us and we had delicious sandwiches and dessert.

Monday, April 28, 2008

play date with Connor

Connor likes to come over and play some times on Wednesday nights. These are pics of the kiddos "fixing supper" in the girl's kitchen. Bell is driving through the drive-thru.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mommy's Night Out

I had to meet a client downtown tonight, so Ben stayed home with the girls, which meant I got the Accord and the radio all to myself. WE got XM radio with the car and tonight Ben hooked me up. The Christian channel was hosting the DOVE awards, which was not what I was in the mood for. Hit the seek button and the 80's channel came on. If you don't know me well, I am a total product of the 80's and I can beat almost anyone in music trivia (with the exception of maybe Marcus, but I am a close 2nd). So, I squealed with delight when DEF LEPARD came on, yes I turned it up super loud and opened the moon roof (total dork is what you are thinking)!!! So, here is my challenge...these are the songs that came on; see if you can identify the year they came out. DON'T CHEAT!!
Def Lepard - Rock Of Ages
Milli Vanilli - Girl, you know it's True
Glass Tiger - Someday
New Edition - If It Isn't Love
Rolling Stones - She's So Cold

Yes Mom, I totally repented when I got home for listening to Def Lepard, but man it was fun!!
Then I went to Old Navy and bought me size 4 capris, yippeee, fun night for me!!!

slow news day

So, Hillary won the Pennsylvania primary, a lady found an alligator in her kitchen, we went to the gym and had cereal for b-fast & our friend, Aiden is visiting today! No big news today

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

established business

I am not sure what perks it holds, but Kristi Richards Photography is now an established business in Williamson County. I had to set up a business with the county to open a checking account this morning. The girls got to go with me!! Can you imagine? I left the house at 8:45 and returned at 1:00. They were actually excellent until the 2nd bank, and they were good there, but LE had an accident and she was so antsy, which caused Bell to be antsy, which caused me to be STRESSED! We met Daddy at the park for a picnic to reward them.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

more zoo pics

more fun pics from our family day last week

Thursday, April 17, 2008

teacher's pet?

I got my grade back from my 2nd Bible test - 100!! My first test was a 97! Who knew I was a smarty pants?

it's whats for dinner

One of my blogging friends blogged about a crawfish boil a couple of weeks ago and it has been on my wish list since. A couple of nights ago I was on the zone diet and discovered a recipe for a shrimp boil. So, last night Ben was the king and this was his feast! LE helped, so she tried it and she loved the shrimp. I used turkey sausage and Ben could not tell the difference and Bella atr 4 pieces. It was yummy! (flavored tea to go with it.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

San Antonio Zoo

We took the girls to the San Antonio zoo last Friday for our weekly family day. Bit of advice - do not go on Fridays during April or May as every elementary school is taking their kindergarten classes for spring field trips. It was super crowded in the a.m. but by afternoon there were hardly any people and it was very pleasant. The girls loved the little monkeys. LE really surprised us with how many animals she knew. We saw a sloth statue and the jaguar, she knew what they both were. We saw one bear that was awake and active. Bella loved the flamingos, they were really noisy and up close. LE did not like the komodo dragon, she wanted to leave as soon as she saw him. They were also really excited about the fish. The lions and tigers were napping, so they did not amuse them much. LE said the rhinos were stinky. It was a really fun day and we topped the day off with one of my fave restaurants - the Alamo Cafe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

another stage

This past month I was asked to write the curriculum for our church's nursery/toddler department. Over the past year, I had editted versions for the nursery and preschool, but had never written my own lessons (we purchased lessons and then we altered them for the number of kids we teach each week). So, I jumped at it, as one of my life goals is to write a children's book. The story was Jesus greeting his disciples after his resurrection. I got to retell the story found in John 21 for the 1 & 2 year olds. If you have not been to our church , we have 4 weekend and 2 midweek services and we prepare for 200 1 and 2 year olds for the weekend and another 50 for midweek services. This was a huge honor for me, HUGE! I went back to teaching one day a week in the fall b/c I felt like I was not impacting children's lives like I had been, but this is so much more!
So, this past week I was asked to help out with the preschool department, 3, 4 and 5 year olds lessons and I will be writing the Bible part of the lessons and helping come up with crafts. They prepare for another 300+ kids each weekend, so on any given week I will be able to touch hundreds of young children's lives. I have heard over and over the past 36 hours how good God is and I will say it again, my God is so good. He is letting me use a talent to reach hundreds and all while I get to be a stay-at-home Mommy.

babies, babies, babies

I am happy to report I am not having a baby, but it seems like everyone else in our circle is. (I should know better than to make this post as I made fun of my friend Natalie for having children 18 months and then, mine are 14 months, but I am not poking at anyone - just rejoicing for them!!) So, congrats to all of you, my friend, Natalie and Mitch (Baby #3 due October), Marcus and Anna ( baby #1 due Christmasish), and my little brother Ryan and Marissa (baby #1 due July 4th). Congratulations to my first grade teacher friend, Carri and Sebastian Roegiers on baby #3, Harper Faith.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

sick babies

Once again the girls are sick. LE has a 102 temp and Bell has 100. LE has not eaten since yesterday at b-fast, but Bell still has an appetite. LE was up most of the night coughing and she has been asleep almost all day. She coughed so much she threw up. I am not sure why my girls seem to get sick so often. It is so frustrating to not know!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Coco!

Happy (belated) birthday, Aunt Coco! Yesterday was her b-day, but we had family day at the San Antonio Zoo (pics to come later), so did not get to post! Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

salad maker

LE made the salad for dinner, so she assumed it was hers when I put it on the table. One cool thing about cooking with your kids is that they tend to try more of the tings they themselve
s help cook. She is digging out the cucumbers!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I just got an e-mail that I was accepted into the missions program at church. So, I will be headed to Swaziland, Africa in December! Let the fund raising begin! I will post info as I get it on my upcoming trip!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the truth about me

My grandparents did own a fireworks stand for 9 years, so I always spent the 4th of July selling fireworks. My future husband lived 3 miles away and purchased fireworks from us every season.

I taught at a 3 year old MDO program the summer after my sophomore year of high school, those kids are now finishing up their sophomore year in college.

My dad let me drive the golf cart at my 16th birthday party and I wrecked it into a tree.

I have been to Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, St. Thomas, Cozumel and some other remote tiny island in Caribbean that was the basis of the book Treasure Island.

I was the statistician and trainer for the girl's varsity basketball team and I got my letter jacket my junior year. I also lettered in color guard my senior year - my brother's comment was deleted so he would not give it away that taping ankles does not count. But, I don't care b/c I got an athletic letter jacket instead of the cheesy academic jacket you get for being in band!

Foreign language was not required in high school and I paid for it dearly in college. I never took a semester of language until my jr. year at UTSA. It almost screwed up my degree plan before they passed legislation that American Sign Language was a foreign language, which I did ace in only 2 semesters.

ramblings b/c I am stuck in the closet while girls nap

drawback to loosing weight---I am so cold! It is 87 degrees outside and I am wearing sweats, socks and sweatshirt! Not complaining I promise, but man Ben would shoot me if I turned the heater on, but very tempted!

I will post answers to Me trivia tomorrow. Waiting for some peeps to post theirs.

I joined a competition at the gym that runs beginning next week till the summer. The team that accumulates the most points for working out gets $400. My team consists of Erica, Lauren Lacy (mom from SCS - she is a trainer at the Y) and one of her working out buds. I think we have a shot. Wish me luck (or endurance), Momma needs a brand new pair of shoes.

I have had 6 bottles of water today. LE keeps clapping for me and telling me good job, Mommy. Bell even said it b/c I have had made so many trips to the potty (reaction she gets when she uses potty)!

We are having vegetable stew for dinner and it has been cooking on the stove for awhile, the smell is driving me batty, I am so hungry!! I love the smell of vegetables simmering, especially onions and garlic.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Unimportance of Being Me

I was tagged by my uber cool blogging friend, Erica for an all-about-me with a twist. Here are six unimportant things about me, but one is false, can you figure out which one it is?

1. I have been to 6 Caribbean locations.
2. I lettered in basketball my junior year.
3. I aced four years of Spanish in high school.
4. I wrecked a golf cart on my 16th birthday.
5. The first class I ever taught are now sophomores in college.
6. I ran a fireworks stand in high school and college.

I tag Susan, Coco, Kayla, Natalie, Carri, Pam, Aimee, Stormi Sheryle and Mandy.

Mom and Anna- you have to reply in e-mail or not comment until everyone else guesses!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Blue Yonder

One of my fave indulgences lately is reading your blogs, I get lost in it sometimes! Susan showed me this great way to get updates when you post something new, but it kind of takes the fun away!
I do have this one blog that I am just enjoying every day, Blue Yonder. Today's post really hit it. If you are a scrapper, photo buff or just plain nostalgic, make sure you read today's entry - that said, good stuff and make sure you do it before you crop another photo!!

one week in Fort worth

Last Friday, another one of our family members moved, Greg, the brother who used to live with us moved to Fort Worth to start a new career! God bless you guys! You can read all about their adventures at

God will direct your paths, just as he always has!! XOXO

Thursday, April 03, 2008

couple of more Easter fun pics

"and they're off"
Grandma Neal getting in on the Grown-up Easter Egg Hunt

Mimi's Easter delights

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

surprises from the rental

We got some rain over the weekend & it woke the roses right up. The homeowner's mother had a rose garden, but I did not think it would produce any since I did nothing for them all winter. But, there are 5 bushes and the one in the backyard has 10+ yellow buds on it.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oprah's Big Mistake

I am shocked about something I just saw on youtube. I am sitting here in tears (thinking of how much power and effect she has on American public, especially women) b/c I heard it with my own ears and saw it with my own eyes and I am in complete shock. I enjoy watching Oprah in the afternoons, I have for several months. I LOVE her new show the Big Give and watch Dr. Oz every time he is on. For the past couple of weeks she has been promoting her new online class and book and I was avoiding the website and all info about it, b/c I just did not want to know. Today, I discovered what I feared most, her doctrinal belief system is SCREWED up. The video on youtube with clips from her class is a little confusing, but this clip from her show says it all...

Oprah has done many amazing things with her life, it is no doubt, but her belief system is out of whak and I just don't want Christians to be confused. YOU WILL NOT GET TO HEAVEN BY YOUR ACTIONS, it is not a work-based belief. It is faith-based, we cannot good-deed our way into heaven. We call on the name of Jesus Christ, confess we are sinners, and believe he died on the cross for our sins which makes us saved. "It is not because of who I am, it is because of what He did, it is not because of what I did, but because of who HE is." You can read II Corinthians on the false doctrines that were seeping into the church and teaching about the work-based faith.
P.S. if you got a clip from my mom this a.m. this is not the same clip in her e-mail, this is a clip from one of her shows.