Monday, November 16, 2009

day #6 in-home Bible Club

Every day of the week, sometimes up to three times a day, Estera and Vio put on Bible clubs in villages around the Campulung area. In our preparations for travel we knew we would be assisting her with these clubs. She also asked for us to be prepared with a song about giving thanks. We also each brought an extra suitcase filled with school supplies, crafts and toys. Estera asked me if I would come up with a craft the night before, so I knew what supplies we had brought and decided to make a rainbow streamer out of paper plates and ribbon. We would sing our song about the things God created and then tie ribbons to the plate.
When we arrived at the home, there were about 40 children sitting in the bedroom waiting on us. They were on the bed, the dresser, and the floor. Vio sang several Romanian Bible songs with them and then he collected an offering. The children were being taught to give unto the Lord. At the end of the year they would send all of the money to missionaries in Turkey.
Vio turned the floor over to us and I got to teach the children my Thanksgiving song. Then, we all sang together, someone had the idea of getting them to sing faster and faster each time we sang. They loved this. Afterwards, the children wanted to teach us a song about Jesus. Then, they wanted us to sing it faster and faster. It was quite funny, but we were not as quick of learners as they were. Then, we helped the children tie their ribbons onto their plates to make rainbows. It was one of the highlights of my trip.
**dog picture - It is polite when you enter a home to remove your shoes. So, there is a line of 80 shoes lined up outside the door, this sweet little dog was in heaven!

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