Thursday, November 05, 2009

answer to prayer in Romania

There were several very specific ways God answered prayers while in Romania. I had one that really meant only the world to me.
Saturday night before we left Texas I rechecked the weather to make sure I was properly prepared for the trip. It said rainy, highs in the upper 50's, no change from when I had packed. I packed a couple of scarves, jeans, flannel pajamas, lots of socks, sweaters and a denim jacket.
When we stepped out of the airport I knew I was not prepared. All of the girls immediately started making plans to stop for gloves and hats, but the kicker was clothes are EXPENSIVE in Romania. We stopped at a mall; a pair of knit gloves were $30 and a hat the same. I knew I was just going to have tough it out b/c I knew the coldest part had yet to come and there was no way I was going to be able to find a coat I could afford.
I called Ben the last night before we left Bucharest and told him to check the budget and shift some things around b/c I was cold and I had to do something before we left the city & its shops. When I told him the prices, he told me I was just going to have to borrow, we simply could not afford it if at all possible. I am thinking "Yeah right, Honey, seriously who am I going to borrow clothes from? One everyone on my team was in the same boat and who in Romania am I going to borrow from?" About that time Cristina walks in the room. I asked her is there anyway she had a coat I could borrow (she did not go with us into the mountains). She said YES, and hats, sweaters, anything I could possible need. So, I went shopping in Cristina's closet and was set for the mountains and the much cooler weather we were about to face. He does supply ALL of our needs.

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mary.mimi said...

In ways only HE can.. Like the girl being your size..who woulda thunk it...