Thursday, November 26, 2009

day #9 another day at school & a miracle

On Tuesday morning (still raining) I woke up feeling terrible. I had not slept well the night before and I had a full-on sore throat and splitting headache. That morning we were supposed to go to another school, but since several of us were sick Pastor Mel, Diane, Matt and Estera went and just took the one car. When they arrived they discovered their was a new principal who did not know Estera was coming into the schools. She observed Estera and afterwards told her if she was going to do a program for one class she needed to do it for all of the classrooms in the school.
Those of us who stayed home - Karen, Merissa, Christina and I took apart Estera's supply closet and organized everything for her. We labeled all of the shelves and was able to take an inventory of what she had, so we know what to take to her next time.
Tuesday evening, we could hear the river that was running about 100 yards below the camp house begin to rise. We had dinner and were sitting around just listening to the rain. Vio kept walking down to the river to see how close it was getting to the bridge. You could feel the anxious energy, but really did not know what to do about it. Because of the heavy rains no one had cell service and I had not had service at all since we had arrived in the mountains. Scott mentioned he wished someone had internet access so we could check the radar. Not a minute later I received a text from Ben, my phone all of a sudden had service. I checked my phone and I had 3 bars, 4 if I stood on the porch. I called Ben and according to the radar Romania was covered by purple (heavy rains), but by morning it should clear out. Pastor Mel had Ben call the church and send word out to pray that the bridge Vio had built would up with the rising water. Ben also put posts on my facebook page asking all to pray.
We decided to stick it out at camp and then the electricity went out. We sat around the table by candlelight and talked and had yummy popcorn (did you know most popcorn in USA comes from Romania?). Vio said it could be hours, days or weeks before the electricity came back on, but by the time we all went to bed the electricity came back on.

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