Thursday, November 19, 2009

day #7 church in town

On Sunday morning, we got to sleep in a little. We had breakfast for the teens and then they packed to head back home. That afternoon, Pastor Mel did a marriage workshop at the church in town. Before leaving for Romania, Scott explained that the church was very conservative and the girls would have to cover their heads for service and the men sit on one side of the sanctuary and women on the other.
When we arrived for the marriage workshop, Vio told everyone they should sit with their spouses, many of them did not feel comfortable doing so, but some broke tradition and did sit together. It was cool seeing freedom. We were so surprised to see so many young teens, as young as 12 in the workshop. We later discovered these young people were gypsies who were married and already parents.
After the workshop we walked downstairs to the main sanctuary for service. One of our sweet team members missed the meeting about sitting on opposite sides of the sanctuary. He followed Karen in and sat down right behind us. All of the girls were giggling as he slinked to "his" side of the church. It was a very traditional service, worship was without accompanying music. Pastor Mel preached on God being our Heavenly Father and how parents can emulate His example for us loving our children. There was an older gentlemen sitting across from us, who was smiling the entire service, I felt as I was looking Jesus straight in the face, it was pure joy in his face.
After service, we were invited to the pastor's home for an amazing Romanian feast.
**this is an Orthodox church next door to the church we attended.

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