Friday, November 27, 2009

day # 10 - and the floods came

The night before we were not really worried about the water getting into the camp, but whether or not the bridge would hold up in the high waters.
The next morning when I came out of the room, Scott was standing in the kitchen. He greeted me with "the bridge held up, but the road on the other side of the bridge is washed out." The levee had broken farther up the property which caused the water to divert around the bridge. Well say Praise God to that, we had 48 hours for the water to subside before we had to catch a plane.
Vio walked over the bridge to the other side to discover the water was only ankle deep where the road was! The road was not washed out, but just below the road was a crevice I could have stepped in and it would have come up to my chest. God completed diverted the waters and protected the bridge, the road and the camp. Later that morning, the gypsies came and blocked up the hole.

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