Monday, November 02, 2009

day #4 - one on one ministry

On Thursday, we hosted devotionals for the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. Then, Pastor Mel did a workshop on how to be a leader and turn the negative into a positive. It was good info for even our team. That afternoon, some of the business guys were invited to even more one-on-ones with students who had more questions for them.
I got to go visit students in the dorm and see what campus life was like. I met two young IT students who opened their rooms and allowed me to get to know them. I was trying to get an open-door to share about the Lord, but was not really happening. I took the opportunity to encourage them about the endless possibilities they have before them. Ben told me Romania is one of the up and coming countries when it comes to software development. It turned out I was encouraging my host, Cristina the most during the visit. That evening, Scott did a workshop on Revelations at Campus Crusade headquarters and nearly a hundred people attended.

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