Wednesday, November 11, 2009

day #6 - Campers arrive and Bible Clubs

Day #6 started with the arrival of the teenagers who help Vio and Estera at their summer camps. We had a lock-in for them and 2 days of workshops, lots of food and fellowship. Team members shared their testimonies with the youth. Pastor Mel did several relationship workshops and Scott and Karen had a question/answer time with the kids where they could ask any question about the Bible. That morning we took the leftover food from our feast to an older couple who lived behind the camp. They were the cutest little couple, he was 96 and she was 75.
One of the young couples at the camp had recently gotten engaged. They asked me if I would take their wedding pics. I took "engagement" photos for them and told them if I was in Romania when they got married I would be happy to take their wedding pics.

***Day #6 was too impactful of a day to try and blog all in one sitting, one b/c it impacted me and I hope to impact you with some things I saw. It may take several sittings to share all that happened in one 24 hour period.

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Shileen said...

love the pics of the little old man..