Sunday, May 17, 2015

two days at sea

The first two days at sea were pretty rough; rain and 60 mph winds.  I spent much of Monday in bed with vertigo while Ben came in third place in a slots tournament.  I never got nausea, just needed to adapt to the rocking.  I had to get well before Ben became a slots addict, but by the time we arrived in Florida, I was fine.
On the way back to Galveston, we had sunshine and smooth sailing.  We spent our days eating, and laying out on the Serenity deck (21+ deck), we hit the gym, hit the buffet, read, and played lots of trivia.  We were chosen to play Up and Out, the cruise's cash cab alternative.
We were eliminated on the question, "what is the national sport of Canada?"  And the answer is lacrosse.  Yeah, we guessed hockey too.  We got a ship on a stick instead of the bottle of wine, but I wanted the ship anyways.
We also spent lots of time in the piano bar on the sea days.  We tried the BBQ bar, it was not BBQ.
Our favorite dishes was portabello mushrooms salad, the cheese plate, prime rib and the beef tenderloin medallions.  We weren't very impressed with the desserts, the breads were very hard to resist, the drinks too.  I pretty much stuck to pina coladas because of the awesome rum, but Ben tested fate and tried new drinks at each bar.
Our first cruise was sixteen years ago on our honeymoon.  Neither one of us really enjoyed ourselves, and decided we were more of destination vacationers.  After this experience, we finally get it.  Cruising is about food, drinking and getting away.  I didn't need to relax/get-away sixteen years ago.  I didn't really appreciate food and we still aren't big drinkers.  It will definitely not be sixteen years before we cruise again.

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