Friday, May 29, 2015

School's Out for Summer!!

L.E. wrapped up fourth grade today and Boo finished 3rd.  We will continue to work on math, read and practice the piano each day.  My plan is to begin R2 on kindergarten in the next couple of weeks as he is asking for school work.  It will give us a chance to get into a rhythm and see if he is really ready for kinder before he :technically" begins in January.  If he isn't ready then we can start again next year as he only be five later this year.

Boo- favorite subject: Reading
favorite book:
favorite day:  the day I finished school early at 10:30
favorite field trip: NASA day
favorite park: All Abilities
best friend: Ria (from co-op)
favorite memory- baby bunnies in the backyard

L.E. - favorite subject: science
favorite book: Tale of Desperaux
favorite day: Saturdays
favorite field trip:
favorite park: Brushy Creek
best friends: McKenzie (from co-op) and Blythe
favorite memory: learning to sew

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