Tuesday, May 19, 2015

kids' vacation by LE

My vacation began when I found out we were having a surprise vacation to the beach.  On our way to the beach we got ride a ferry, our hotel room was really cool with a view of the beach.  We went to the beach several times, I even go to the docks to feed the sea gulls all by myself.   My favorite part of the beach, a new game Boo and I invited.  It was called Nice Knowing you.  You went into knee deep water, and the waves would hit and you'd shout "Nice Knowing Ya".

When we got home we got to go Mimi's.  At Mimi's we painted pots to look like mushroom houses.  And we put them in the Mimi's garden.  Then, the usual at Mimi's, shopping and burgers.  On Sunday, I got to teach my cousin learn to ride a bike without training wheels.  That same Sunday, my mom and dad came home.

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