Saturday, May 16, 2015

Nassau, Bahamas

We finally, made it to the beach at Nassau. Bahamas.  We hired a local taxi and went to Cabbage Beach, a beach I had researched online.  When we arrived a young man greeted us and said we could have unlimited drinks from the bar for $20.  We learned the bar was a dude cutting the end off a coconut adding some "mixed concoction" and adding a straw.
He also happily brought us two lounge chairs up to the water for $15 each, we said no, thanks.  Which he then left the chairs, so we occupied them for free.  We hung out for about three hours with a couple we met on the taxi from Bandera.  Small world.
In the distance you could see rain, and about 1:00 the heavens opened up.  Originally we were just going to ride it out, but then the lightning came and we along with hundreds of other beach-goers started running for cover.  The streets flooded quickly, but we made it back to the ship, got warm, ate some lunch and then ventured to the shops and checked out some yachts around the marina before we headed back towards Galveston.

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