Thursday, May 28, 2015


The weather has been crazy this month.  I have joked that is our souvenir from our trip b/c it seems like it has rained every day since we've been home.  Over the weekend we had crazy weather, tornadoes, strong winds and LOTS of rain.  On Saturday evening, everyone was in bed when we heard very LOUD rain.  Ben and I watched out the front door, but then decided to check out the trampoline in the back yard.  The trees were blowing in circles.  And three minutes later, it was total calm.  The next morning, we discovered our trampoline was the lone survivor on the street.  The kids across the street lost their playscape and almost everyone had fences missing pickets or completely gone.  Our home was unscathed.
On Monday, we got round two, but this time just lots of rain, and lightning and multiple tornado warnings.  We took the warnings seriously and was able to get both cars and the motorcycle into the garage.  We moved the trampoline against the shed to block some of the wind.  We have seen multiple videos of flooding in the town.  The rain totals were over 6 inches on Monday alone.

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