Saturday, May 03, 2014

Easter at Mimi's

This year our we celebrated Easter at Mimi's.  Aunt Francy is teaching this year and b/c of the bad weather makeup days, she had to teach on Good Friday and could not prepare for our annual Saturday Easter party at her home (even though I offered to help with cleaning).  Gigi was in Washington for the week so we celebrated as a family on Easter Sunday and it was another rainy one.  We had to postpone our egg hunt till later afternoon and wait for a break in the rain.  We had brisket and the fixin's and of course our tradition with cascaranas.  I had ordered 15 dozen of the stuffed eggs in February from a lady in my class (5 dozen for each party), so PawPaw's front yard was sprinkled with confetti by the end of the fun.

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