Sunday, May 04, 2014

new senior fitness classes

I have been at the gym for three years this spring and I LOVE my job.  I have been trying to get them to add silver sneakers since we opened b/c of the number of seniors who participate in my aqua classes.
I have been through three gym managers, three human resource directors, five group X managers during this time.  Several have pushed for the classes, but nothing ever came of it.  But my newest club manager is interested in senior fitness as I am and beginning this Monday, I will be the new senior fit instructor for 24.  They decided with my knowledge, we could just brand our own fitness classes.  It will be similar in format, but SS is very present in the area and they did not think we had the numbers to support another club.  I am just so excited for my members b/c so many of them are too intimidated to venture into the weight room, have issues that prevent them from participating in classes that would cause joint pain, and when the pool is cold, they won't workout.  It will be a combination of low impact cardio/strength training/balance and stretching.  Can't wait!


mary.mimi said...
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mary.mimi said...

Yeah... I know you've fought long and hard and it has paid off. I'm wishing I lived closer now...except for the swimsuit part. :)

Ms. W said...

That's great news! Good for you!