Wednesday, May 28, 2014

update to the rough day

12 am - HR is still waking up at night crying, but now R2 and Daddy are up coughing and congested
3 am - turn off alarm and sleep walk to the office to get some sleep
7:45- wake up on my own accord
9:45- teach class #1
11:30 - teach class #2
1:45- take a nap cuddled with my favorite 3 yr old in my air conditioned house (got fixed finally yesterday)
3:00 - check the girls' modified school work, only 3 subjects to wrap up to finish the year!!
4:00 - eat frozen grapes (my favorite new snack)
5:00- serve chicken and spaghetti, courtesy of two blonde chefs
6:00 - teach class #3
7:00 - personal workout (it has been a week since I got my own workout in)

Teeth are still causing me discomfort, will have them worked on in the next couple of weeks.  New mouth guard and $19 toothpaste prescription seem to be helping.  Trying to oil pull, but not real consistently.

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