Wednesday, April 23, 2014

investing in Clorox

Over the past six weeks, HR has had strep twice, two ear infections and the final round was hand, foot and mouth disease.  I have washed laundry almost every day to keep his sheets fresh and his lovie bear that he sleeps with free from any germs.  LE and I have spent hours (while Boo babysat) sanitizing EVERY single plastic toy and surface that we own more than once.  When I got to the lego bucket I almost cried and then it came to me let's bathe them.  So, during nap time I dumped all of our duplo blocks in my soaker tub with a bleach/water combination and let them sanitize themselves.  Let's just pray this is the last go-round with these germs in our home.  Hoping as summer nears all the cold germs will die and Little Man soon outgrows putting things in his mouth.

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Morgan Shimp said...

I have seen on Pinterest people put them in a delicates bag to keep the little pieces from being lost in the machine. Hope the house stays germ free!!