Monday, May 12, 2014

End of the Year Tea Party - keepers

 This past week was our Keepers' end of the year tea party.  The girls earned 7 new badges this school year including reading Genesis and Exodus.  They memorized the books of the Old Testament (and some of the new).  They received badges for playing the piano, bike safety, first aid, and butterflies.
This is LE's last year as a little keeper, next year she will be in the class for ages 9 and up.  I am undecided on whether I will lead the club next year.  This year was kind of hard to get volunteers and I had two uncomfortable encounters with other moms.  Of course not reasons to quit, but I have learned a hard lesson this year, which is just b/c I can do something doesn't mean I should.  Every day I am reevaluating the choices I make as to how they effect the kids and our time.
My friend, Morgan blessed me with flowers at the tea party b/c she knew the struggles I had and how many times I wanted to quit.  I love to lead the club, but I don't want it to distract from our family.  Still praying about it, the girls really want to participate next year, so we will see.

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