Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rough day

1 am - up with sick baby and toddler who was awakened during the ordeal
3 am - daddy up with sick baby
6 am - hit snooze 3x before deciding gym is not going to happen today
7:30 - get text my younger cousin has passed away due to heart failure
9 am - teach aqua (decide to jump in, so I can get some physical activity)
11 am - HR diagnosed with strep for the third time in 3 months
11:30 get the text we have to turn off the ac till Friday (at the earliest) to make sure our warranty doesn't expire before ac can be repaired
12:15 - drop off prescription
12:30 thanking God, my kids like pb and j
1:30 - drop off girls at book club
1:50 arrive at friends' house to pray/consult her
2:15 - pick up portable ac's from Pastor Steve
2:30 come home to find R2 in front yard bc he woke up from his nap and couldn't find anyone (Ben was on conference call and didn't hear him)
4:00 - dentist appt, find out I have 3 chipped teeth bc I'm grinding my teeth at night
7:00 - 9 search frantically for subs or babysitters for my two classes tomorrow bc Ben has to go into work.
9:44 - kids finally in sleeping bags at foot of parents' bed bc one portable ac upstairs, one down.
9:47- mama inserts ear plugs into ears and prays for a better day

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