Sunday, October 13, 2013

side trip - kids' version, Bearizona

Mimi and PawPaw kept the kids for the day and night while Ben and I headed to Vegas.  They decided to visit Bearizona, a sanctuary for animals in Williams, Arizona.  Below is Boo's account of the day.  Along with their journals, the girls each got a camera to document their trip.  All pics are by my budding photographers.
We firstly saw some mountain goats.  I accidentally picture of its bare behind, but I deleted that picture.  I saw bison, they were white and brown.  I saw black bears.  Every grown up animal did not have gates, we just rode in our car to see them.  After all of the grown up animals, I went into the baby animals place, the fun place.  I got to pet animals in a farmer petting zoo.  I took lots of pictures in the baby bear's place.  The brown baby bear was very playful, he kept saying come and catch me to the other bears.  I kept laughing every time.  One of the bears was walking away and he tagged the brown bears.  I got to see raccoons. I saw a mountain lion with cool ears.  The baby animals were in gates, so we could and see them.  When I was going to see the teenager bears, we saw a tunnel and could go in and see the bears sleeping but they could not see us.  I saw peacocks, a dad and a mom.  After Bearizona, I had ice cream and we visited an Indian shop where I got an Indian flute. -Boo, age 6

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