Sunday, October 06, 2013

family vacation '13

Over the summer, my parents purchased a fifth wheel trailer.  The kids have gone with them camping before and often stay in the camper when they go to Mimi and PawPaw's house, but this was the first time we all got to join.  At the end of September we set out for the Grand Canyon, with national park pass in hand, 4 children ages 8 and under, Mimi, PawPaw and Mommy and Daddy.  PawPaw drove his Dodge truck and we followed behind in our mini van.  R2 did such a great job riding in the big truck, that was his transport the entire trip, while the girls went back and forth between stops.  HR rode with Mommy and Daddy, he did good napping, but when he was awake he needed to be entertained.
First stop was El Paso and the El Paso Saddleblanket Co.  My dad kept seeing signs and wanted stop and see what they had.  They had lots of Mexican and Indian imports and these great wooden barstools that I took a pic and sent to Gigi and PopPop with an update on where we were.  When Tom saw the pic he asked where we were and said we should go visit his cousin in El Paso.  It turned out his cousin owned the Saddleblanket Co. and was there.  We had a great visit with him, he gave us all t-shirts and a copy of his book and we shopped around.  Then, were on our way again.  We made it to Deming, New Mexico after dark, so we didn't get to see much but, had a great night of sleep.  The girls slept in the bunk, boys slept in the toy hauler room, HR in the pack and play, R2 on a special pallet, Ben and I slept on the fold-out couch which was the most comfortable inflatable bed ever, and Mimi and PawPaw had their room.

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