Thursday, October 17, 2013

ballet lessons for 2

I have no problem admitting I am frugal.  Last summer, I used my connections to find Miss Ashley, a daughter of a fellow homeschooling family who teaches the girls piano lessons once a week.  This summer, I set out to find a home school student who could teach ballet.  I found Miss Joelle, a twelve year old who has been taking dance for eight years and assists her instructor with younger students.  She jumped at the chance to offer ballet and tap lessons to our home school group.
We are off to a great start, 4 girls in the older class and five in the younger class.  I have no plans for my children to be prodigies, but Boo loves to twirl and play dress up.  I had to find someone to nurture her creative side.  At the cost, we were able to keep both girls in piano and pursue dance for both of them too.

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