Monday, October 07, 2013

day 1- Landry's journal

Day 1- Trip to arizona. travel. sit. travel. sit. travel. sit. today I thought the riding in the car would never end! but we found a shop that poppop's cousin owned.  his name was dusty Henson. then, we drove some more.  afterwards we went to new mexico. the store earlier in the town was named El paso.  that night was freezing.  I wanted to dump every blanket on top of me.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Landry, Yes, traveling by car can be a bit boring and take forever! However, it is a great time to be close with family, do things like reading and writing a journal that you may not always take time for. The opportunity for car traveling may soon, when you are an adult, be over. The cost of car travel may be too much. I really enjoyed reading part of your journal to the Grand Canyon.
Much Love,
Donna Jenschke
(I work with your Mimi!)