Tuesday, October 15, 2013

happy campers

When I start telling people the things that happened on the trip, the most common response I get it, that's the trip from Hell.
1) HR threw up as we were arriving at Gigi's house all over his car seat and the stroller that was at his feet.
2) LE got sick while she was in the top bunk and I was literally holding a trash bag open for her to aim in (from the top bunk).
3) Propane went out on night #4, the coldest night of the trip.
4) U.S Government shuts down on the day we are supposed to take a train ride to the Grand Canyon.
5) Flat tire, low spare $50 to repair, 10 miles away from seeing the Grand Canyon.
6) HR gets an ear infection.
7) HR begins to cry every time he is in the car.
8) We have to leave a day earlier than mom and dad, who keep the girls so they could go to Albuquerque balloon festival.
9) Dad's fuel pump goes out on the opposite side of Albuquerque of the balloon festival.  The only balloons they see are on t.v.
I absolutely LOVED our trip.  I wish we were able to bypass some of the above, but I enjoyed it so much.  We are all ready to go again, except maybe HR.

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