Monday, October 14, 2013

hope for seeing the Grand Canyon

As we were leaving Caesar's Palace, my SIL, Marissa texted me and said we could get to the Grand Canyon via a Native American reservation where the sky bridge is.  We did some searching via the internet and found out the cut off to get their was on our way back where my parents were so we decided to try it.  We drove twenty miles down a country road (along with every other not-Arizonian in the state).  After which the road turned into a dirt road, a dirt road with large machinery trying to pave the road.  After driving for 11 miles on this dirt road, we had to pull over for five minutes to allow the oncoming traffic through and we started back up again Ben said something was wrong with the car.  He pulled over and we had a flat tire on our front passenger tire.  When he got the "doughnut" out, he discovered it was low on air too.  We were ten miles from the Grand Canyon and had to turn around.  TEN MILES!  It took us over an hour to get back to the paved road and when we did there was nothing but the Joshua Tree National Forrest to greet us.  We came upon a very small town with a saloon that Ben went in asked for a mechanic.  The owner/bartender told us of Todd who could fix it, so she called him.  While we waited Ben and I played pool.  Memories that could have never been planned for our trip.  Todd and his helper patched our tire and charged us $50 to do so.  And we were on our way, finally admitting defeat that we were not going to see the Grand Canyon this trip.

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