Thursday, March 27, 2008

more Easter pics

We spent Easter afternoon at Gigi and PopPop with our cousin Adom. Getting 3 toddlers to look and smile at the same time was harder than getting 5 groomsmen to do the same. We did not get to have an egg hunt b/c the weather got yucky, naptimes, no nap for certain 2-year old blondie, etc. etc. but we had a great meal and fun playtime.


sebcarri said...

I know the feeling!! We had a hard time getting pics of the cousins-4 toddler girls, 1 toddler boy and 1 newborn girl--we usually end up choosing the pic where no one is crying!

Bryan and Susan Neal said...

hahah this picture is really cute!

mary said...

hey kristi,
i always take pics of my 2 boysand the cousins. the first time was a real eye opener. we had 5 children all under the age of 3. now we have a brew of 7 kids. i now have a digital slr camera and just put it on continuous pics. even if we don't get the perfect shot we get some really funny ones. mary