Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the knitter

A couple of weeks ago, Mimi surprised us all and showed up on our doorstep at 8:30 on a Thursday night.  She was a welcome sight after a very long week for each of us.  PawPaw had gone hunting and she didn't want to sit home alone.
We spent the weekend at used bookstores and playing games.  But the highlight of the weekend was her teaching LE how to knit.  After Mimi left, LE got stuck multiple times and I have no clue when it comes to this art.  I googled and pinned trying to find what she had done wrong.  My neighbor fixed her mistakes, but soon it was off-kilter again.  This past weekend was my turn to surprise Mimi.  We wrapped up some school work on Friday morning and after lunch we headed to Mimi's for a weekend getaway.  LE took her knitting and I purchased some things so I could learn too.

We found this knitting nursery rhyme and I catch myself chanting it when I get stuck.

In through the front door. 
(Put the needle through the first loop/slip knot).

Run around the back. 
(Place the thread of yarn between the two needles by running it around the back).

Down through the window.
(Gently pull the loop and right hand needle down through the loop on the left hand side).

(Stop here for "cast on" and continue until you have as many loops as desired)

And off jumps Jack. 
(Gently drop the loop as you transfer the "new stitch" on the right needle).

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