Friday, January 18, 2013

proud PawPaw

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, LE took up a new hobby.  She decided she wanted to learn to throw tomahawks and knives with PawPaw.  After several tries with the hawk, she decided it was too heavy, but the knife was right up her ally (notice the family tongue).  She even stuck it multiple times.  Over the C-mas holidays, her and Paw Paw got some more practice time in, but Boo showed no interest.
Daddy went out to watch her and after he attempted multiple times to stick it, LE informed him he just needed to watch her and see how to do it.  We're working on humility.
So, now Boo has decided she wants to take it up.  "Hello PawPaw, I would love to throw tomahawks.  OK, great, thanks.  Love, Bella"

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