Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the truth about me

My grandparents did own a fireworks stand for 9 years, so I always spent the 4th of July selling fireworks. My future husband lived 3 miles away and purchased fireworks from us every season.

I taught at a 3 year old MDO program the summer after my sophomore year of high school, those kids are now finishing up their sophomore year in college.

My dad let me drive the golf cart at my 16th birthday party and I wrecked it into a tree.

I have been to Puerto Rico, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, St. Thomas, Cozumel and some other remote tiny island in Caribbean that was the basis of the book Treasure Island.

I was the statistician and trainer for the girl's varsity basketball team and I got my letter jacket my junior year. I also lettered in color guard my senior year - my brother's comment was deleted so he would not give it away that taping ankles does not count. But, I don't care b/c I got an athletic letter jacket instead of the cheesy academic jacket you get for being in band!

Foreign language was not required in high school and I paid for it dearly in college. I never took a semester of language until my jr. year at UTSA. It almost screwed up my degree plan before they passed legislation that American Sign Language was a foreign language, which I did ace in only 2 semesters.


Bryan and Susan Neal said...

You cant count that as a letter in basketball or all the little girls in the training room can get a letter for football. That was a bogus true false quiz. I told susan you didnt like spanish so you took ASL but I know you didn't letter in basketball.
P.S. before you get mad at susan this is Bryan
P.P.S. I guess the training staff at U.T. get a National Champions ring too, you can break it to them that they don't.

~kristi said...

Every trainer should get a ring! They have to be at all practices, games, mtgs. and earlier and later than the team. And they have to deal with your stinky feet!!

Marcus & Anna said...

DIdn't Ryan help you with spanish at UTSA? I should have remembered that!

Anonymous said...

bub i hate to break it to you but the trainers and the office staff get national championship rings...not just the football players. lol

i knew spanish had to be wrong bc nobody would take four years of spanish unless they were planning on using it! plus I don't even think that Tivy offers four years.

anyways great quiz kristi i think you stumped everyone but ryan!