Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ramblings b/c I am stuck in the closet while girls nap

drawback to loosing weight---I am so cold! It is 87 degrees outside and I am wearing sweats, socks and sweatshirt! Not complaining I promise, but man Ben would shoot me if I turned the heater on, but very tempted!

I will post answers to Me trivia tomorrow. Waiting for some peeps to post theirs.

I joined a competition at the gym that runs beginning next week till the summer. The team that accumulates the most points for working out gets $400. My team consists of Erica, Lauren Lacy (mom from SCS - she is a trainer at the Y) and one of her working out buds. I think we have a shot. Wish me luck (or endurance), Momma needs a brand new pair of shoes.

I have had 6 bottles of water today. LE keeps clapping for me and telling me good job, Mommy. Bell even said it b/c I have had made so many trips to the potty (reaction she gets when she uses potty)!

We are having vegetable stew for dinner and it has been cooking on the stove for awhile, the smell is driving me batty, I am so hungry!! I love the smell of vegetables simmering, especially onions and garlic.

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