Wednesday, April 16, 2008

San Antonio Zoo

We took the girls to the San Antonio zoo last Friday for our weekly family day. Bit of advice - do not go on Fridays during April or May as every elementary school is taking their kindergarten classes for spring field trips. It was super crowded in the a.m. but by afternoon there were hardly any people and it was very pleasant. The girls loved the little monkeys. LE really surprised us with how many animals she knew. We saw a sloth statue and the jaguar, she knew what they both were. We saw one bear that was awake and active. Bella loved the flamingos, they were really noisy and up close. LE did not like the komodo dragon, she wanted to leave as soon as she saw him. They were also really excited about the fish. The lions and tigers were napping, so they did not amuse them much. LE said the rhinos were stinky. It was a really fun day and we topped the day off with one of my fave restaurants - the Alamo Cafe.

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The Gumpls said...

cute pics- where are all the baby announcement pics? I loved being on your blog!!!!