Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top 10 of 2016

This is the 10th edition of our Top 10 list.  I didn't realize I had been blogging for so long.  Since I joined Instagram (and for a lack of time at a computer instead of a phone), I blog far less.  I still write the blog for us and posterity sake.  This is by far one of my highlights of wrapping up a year to look back and see all that we have done.  Have a blessed 2017.

10. Ben became a RSBA coach.  Rock Steady has grown exponentially this past year and Ben traveled to Indy to become a coach.
9.  I became a personal trainer - I'm not really interested in personal training, but wanted to have a better understanding of exercise science.  It took me almost four months to study and take the exam.
8. We had a fun reunion with Ben's family.  This was the first time our kids met many of Ben's family.  We had a great time at Mo Ranch in Hunt for the weekend.
7. We started our 7th year of homeschool.  LE is in 6th grade, Boo is in 5th, R2 is in kinder and HR does pre-k/kinder.
6. The girls and I headed to church camp.  This is the girls' 2nd year to pre-teen camp, my first and probably last.  I have discovered being with other people's children is a thing of my past.  I'll stick to my 4.
5. Landry has taken up karate.  She has already taken her first belt test and worked up to an orange belt.  She goes twice a week and has to pay half of her tuition.
4. Boo was in the production of I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  Boo really missed theater from co-op so this past school year she participated in the One Day Academy Theater classes.  We think she has gotten bitten by the acting bug.
3. We participated in Round the Rock Instagram challenge.  We had a task of 50 things to do in RR this summer and we accomplished 40+.  The last 8 were too expensive or didn't qualify for our ages.  We had an absolute blast and discovered some of our newest favorite things to do in the area.
2. We traveled to Port A.  We took an extended weekend getaway to Port Aransas earlier this fall.  I'm not usually a beach person, scratch that Texas beach person.  But it was a great time to connect with the kids.
1. We had a great family vacation to Branson.  We were gifted a week stay at a time share in Branson and our fighters blessed us with cash for travel expenses.  It was a great week to go off the grid and connect as a family.

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