Sunday, April 10, 2016

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

 Bella was in Christian Classical Theatre's prodution of I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  After weeks of practices and I mean five hour practices some nights, her show was a hit.  Friends commented that she stole the show and I was even asked if I would consider betrothal this early.  She was one of the youngest children in the play and she surprised us when she sang a solo.  There were four performances and Boo was in two.  After the final night, there was a cast party till midnight!  And she tried to convince me to stay for the entire time, we settled on 11 pm.  I think my girl has caught the bug.  She was so nervous, but once curtain went up she loved it.
I really liked all of the friends I made.  I liked how much they appreciated and liked me.  I liked how much Miss Heather made us concentrate and wanted it to be a great play, not just a good one.  Some times she was strict, I know why she was.  -Boo, age 9

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