Friday, July 01, 2016

Highland Lakes PreTeen Camp

This past Sunday, Ben dropped the girls and I off for Preteen camp at Highland Lakes.  Our church took 21 kids and 4 chaperones to camp.
I quickly realized I am a Mama.  The clutter, giggling and disregard for rules was almost too much for me.  Jesus and I had a moment that first evening and I realized there is a lot I have to let got of.
The girls had an awesome time.  We swam, kayaked, rode a banana boat, had outdoor fun at archery, and BB guns, BMX bikes.  The guest speaker was phenomenal.  He knew how to connect with the kids and taught on obedience through the story of Noah, loving like Jesus and the story of Elijah like I've never heard before.  I am so grateful I had these four days to connect with my girls, but I think it was a one time adventure for me, unless I can learn to relax again.

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