Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dogs biggest fan

For Bella's date she requested that Mom take her to the animal shelter. Bella loves dogs with all her heart, so she brought a book along to read to the dog. I guess she wanted to look like a pet too, because she wore her gray ears. She (of course) picked a dachshund named Porsha. Porsha sounds like a name of a car, but Bella named one of her Beanie Boos after the dachshund. You probably won't find anyone who loves dogs like Bella does. Please visit the local animal shelter and be with a dog for just a few minutes. They really do like it.

1 comment:

mary.mimi said...

Great Job Bella, ( & LE) You sure made a memory with Porsha.. Forever changed.
Glad to see these updates too... Busy Life busy world to keep up with.
Luv, Mimi