Monday, August 01, 2016

first day of school 2016

We started school on August 1st.  It is just too hot to do anything else during the day and we plan to take some breaks when it gets cooler and when things get busy at the gym.

We decided to go ahead and begin both boys in kindergarten.  HR has a true passion for learning and is especially interested in letter and numbers.  He learned to write his first name in just one day.  We are using My Father's World for kindergarten.  If it doesn't work we will try again next year.

LE has begun sixth grade.
She is  using Math U See Epsilon, Building Thinking Skills for logic (pre-SAT studies), Wordly Wise for vocabulary, Spelling Workout, Rosetta Stone for Spanish, Apologia Astronomy for science and Texas Weekly Studies for Texas History.

Boo is in 5th grade, a year ahead of others her age.  She is using Math U See Gamma and her other curriculum is the same as LE's except for fifth grade.

We are using Sonlight's reading list and finishing up the Little House on the Prairie for their daily reading.

They read Jesus Calling for their daily Bible time.

I think the one thing I have learned over the past six years is that we homeschool so we can do what is best for our family and our kids.  We don't follow a calendar and we hope to instill a love for Jesus and a love for knowledge over a grade.

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