Friday, December 02, 2016

a six year old

Oh, sweet boy. I had no idea I could love someone so much.  You melt my heart with this smile.  You are truly a special gift from God.
You are into Paw Patrol, Star Wars, dinosaurs and animals.  When you grow up you want to be a zookeeper.  Somedays you want a dog, but others you want a cat.  I think you just love to take care of others.
Favorite food- "any kind of food" except popcorn and eggs (yeah right) - "I like all of the stuff that I love, but none of the stuff I don't love."  i.e. he likes chicken nuggets, toast, peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, pizza, candy, chips, bananas (all fruit, really), vitamins, pancakes
Favorite movie- Force Awakens
Favorite book- Charlie Brown Look and Find
Favorite cuddle love - "pillow"
Favorite Toy- Paw Patrol

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