Monday, September 22, 2014

Lego Land at Grapevine

I didn't want to sit home last week and be disappointed about sitting home, so I convinced Ben and Mimi into going to Dallas for a mini-vacation with the kids.  Our first stop was Grapevine's Lego Land.  It was home school week and tickets were $10 per person, and HR was free.  We headed out Monday morning and arrived at Lego Land around 11.  There were probably six families in the entire facility.  There were a couple of  rides, two play scapes for the kids, a 4D Lego movie, miniature replica of the city of Dallas made with Legos, a Star Wars display and an area where you could create cars from Legos.  There was also a water park but since we planned to stay at great wolf lodge later that afternoon we skipped the Lego water park.  The kids loved it, and had it not been a discounted rate I would have been disappointed.  It was fairly small, but we had free reign since it was so early on a Monday.  The kids also "helped" to "make" their own Legos which they got to keep as a souvenir.

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