Friday, September 05, 2014

I'm a 40 year old

That just doesn't even seem right, I'm 40.  Forty always seemed so old.  Granny was 39 when I was born, so I associate forties with being a grandparent.  I know I am far off from that stage, but apparently I am old enough to be one.
The birthday festivities began Tuesday, when my first gift arrived.  My mom shipped me a new crockpot.  Pretty much confirmed I was 40 at that moment, b/c I got excited about a new crockpot. That night, Steve and Sue hired a babysitter for the kids and took Ben and I to Logan's.  Where I can say I completely resisted the rolls, but the not the warm birthday brownie with ice cream.  On Wednesday, Ben's alarm went off at 6am and he sneaked out for breakfast tacos.  The kids had made sweet cards for me the night before that were sitting by my bed.  At my first class at the church, 42 showed up for our workout which Steve said I needed to finish early so the MDO could use the gym, LIAR.  He had a surprise party with a cake made of fruit. They had collected for a cash gift for me.  At my second class, every time one of the members passed me someone handed a chocolate kiss to me.
On the night of my birthday, Ben and the kids took me to my favorite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory.  We got there in time for happy hour and were able to do the $5 appetizers for the kids.  Ben and I had my favorite Chicken Madeira and had a piece of Chris' Outrageous Chocolate Cheesecake to go.
At my Thursday Parkinson's class, they gave me a beautiful plant, card and brownies.  And at the end of the week, I still lost a pound!  Happy Birthday to Me!


Ms. W said...

Sounds like a great birthday!!

Ms. W said...

Sounds like a fab birthday!