Thursday, September 25, 2014

an Epoch adventure

Since the beginning of summer, we have been attending a homeschooling friend's church, Legacy Church.  I have known Rachel for a couple of years since her twin girls were in Keepers and American Girl clubs with us.  At the RRHOME field day, I met her husband and was so impressed with how he interacted with the children.  We decided to visit their church, where he was the pastor.  I had no idea why we were visiting but just led to do so.
During praise and worship, LE leaned into me and told us she thought we were home.  Funny, didn't know we were looking for a new church, but Ben and I both felt she was right.  We decided to give it a month and each passing week, we felt more and more comfortable.  The first night we met the family pastor and a within a few weeks he invited us to their legacy group (life/small/cell, whatever your church calls it).  We have been attending the LC for a couple of months and this past weekend we went on our first family retreat where we felt confirmation that this was indeed our home.
Ben and I loved Austin Stone, but the kids never connected.  I could not figure out b/c our kids love church and our really sociable kids.  But they were right, it just didn't fit.  Over half of the population at LC is under fifth grade, so it is young families and big families.  They don't care we aren't perfect, that we are loud, and often messy.  There are quite a few homeschooling families in the church and a lot of the families are foster parents or have adopted children.  The church is also very mission-minded.  This past week we decided as a family we want to serve on the tear-down team as we meet at Old Settlers Assoc, so we have to set up and take the church apart each week.
We are looking forward to great things in our new chapter of life.

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