Thursday, September 11, 2014

birthday disappointment

This summer I took on extra classes in order to help pay for a special trip for Ben and I.  For my 30th birthday Ben took me to NYC and for my 40th we planned to go to the Dominican Republic.  We were packed and out Saturday night looking for Ben a beach hat when we noticed lightning in the distance.  I was on my phone looking at the radar and decided to check out the temps for DR for our trip when I discovered the chances of rain for each day this week were rain, rain and rain.
After last year's vacation we were not prepared to spend a week inside a hotel room regardless of its location.  So, we decided to cash in our travel insurance and reschedule for another time.  We looked on vacations to go for last minute deals.  And there were some great ones, but by the time we finally found one we thought would be fun we discovered the entire Caribbean was covered in rain.  I just couldn't drop $1300 for a cruise we weren't ecstatic about.   Not sure what we will do at this point, we've talked about skiing this winter for our anniversary or trying to do another beach vacation, but the idea of planning another trip doesn't excite me right now.

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